The Postpartum Circle

Postpartum Nutrition: The Physiological Changes that Shift Your Digestion

May 09, 2021 Maranda Bower, Postpartum Bliss Coach  Episode 5
The Postpartum Circle
Postpartum Nutrition: The Physiological Changes that Shift Your Digestion
Show Notes

In this episode, I share a lot of different information with you about all things relating to postpartum nutrition. I’m going to break some of the typical rules and stigmas, as this is one of my absolute favorite topics because there is just so much to know about this that we aren’t being taught as women. 

Postpartum Nutrition is not just including the weeks after having a baby, this continues for years after having a baby. In fact, it’s such a deep topic that I have created an entire certification program for it.

So if you are here, and you are experiencing mood swings, weight issues, hormone imbalances, gut health issues, depression, anxiety, and it's lingered on for four to five years, or even if you’re in your first couple months postpartum. You are in the right place right now and I can’t wait for you to listen to this episode!

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In this episode, I’m sharing with you:

  • Postpartum Nutrition - not just for the first weeks after baby, but years after childbirth
  • What happens during these years is critical and will affect your body your life on a deep level
  • Your entire body changes and shifts after having a baby
  • Changes in our digestion after pregnancy and delivery
  • Nutrition - it runs every single thing in our body
  • Lack of nourishment and malabsorption issues for extended periods leads to other immune system dysfunction
  • How this is influencing your life, and how you can make a change and take advantage of it and start healing your body
  • I go into much more detail in my Postpartum Nutrition Plan here
  • Foods that support you in postpartum
  • Eating in postpartum is counterintuitive to everything that you're probably being told right now.
  • Learn to eat in a way that is supportive of our digestive needs postpartum.

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