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Postpartum Hormones: Are they really out of balance?

May 09, 2021 Maranda Bower, Postpartum Bliss Coach  Episode 6
The Postpartum Circle
Postpartum Hormones: Are they really out of balance?
Show Notes

Our hormones are responsible for everything. These little signals in your body are constantly sending out messages and controlling so much of what you experience in this world, no matter if you're postpartum or not. But in pregnancy and postpartum, our hormones take the front seat, and we become even more aware of their existence for two different reasons. The first reason, hormones bring your body into a heightened state to care for your baby and keep them safe, and the second reason we are so much more aware of them is that they’re not being supported as needed and become so out of balance that they start to mess with EVERYTHING.

In this episode, I’m focusing on talking all about how to balance your hormones and why we experience hormone fluctuations during pregnancy and postpartum.

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In this episode, I’m sharing with you:

  • Why are so many women experiencing hormone imbalances in postpartum?
  • Postpartum hormones are not naturally out of control
  • There is a normal shift and change, but NOT an imbalance 
  • Our society knows nothing about healing the body during the sacred and raw and vulnerable time that postpartum is
  • Fixing it with pills, or herbs or essential oils are not the answer
  • The root of the issue needs to be addressed and fixed
  • The Postpartum Hormone Cycle Chart (find this in my Facebook group >>>here )
  • Four Components of the Hormone Cycle
  • These four pieces are fundamental to healing your body. And you need all four of those to heal

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