The Postpartum Circle

Miscarriage and Loss

May 23, 2021 Maranda Bower, Postpartum Bliss Coach  Episode 9
The Postpartum Circle
Miscarriage and Loss
Show Notes

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We are going to be talking about a topic that is likely going to be the hardest episode we will ever do on this podcast. I believe that this information should be readily available to you but unfortunately, it is not. Therefore, I am going to end the tendency to brush off or minimize a miscarriage. This episode is going to be for everyone. Whether you have had a miscarriage or not, you will find valuable information in this. If you haven’t had a miscarriage, it is more than likely that someone in your life has, and this episode will give you some insight as to how to support them.

Buckle up and get ready for an eye-opening episode. Let's work together and get the correct information out there and help each other through a difficult time.

Be sure to share this podcast so we can change the stigmas and misinformation around miscarriage and loss.


In this episode, I’m sharing with you:

  • Miscarriages are thrown under the rug too much
  • 20% of all pregnancies end in loss
  • 1 in 5 pregnant women will experience a loss
  • In history, women who miscarried were deemed inadequate
  • Feeling the pain of the women before us
  • There is no right or wrong way to feel 
  • We all mourn differently
  • Don’t let people tell you how to or not to feel while experiencing this grief
  • How you grieve is 1,000% valid, no matter how it is
  • Grief can manifest it into other health issues if not dealt with
  • Psychosomatics
  • Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Grief will show up in so many ways, that doesn’t always feel or look like grief
  • Grief is often masked as postpartum depression
  • Depression is simply a rational response to being overly stressed with no support
  • Not everyone will understand your pain
  • Communicate
  • It doesn’t matter where in the pregnancy that the loss of a baby was experiencing, it is still a loss
  • Ask how to support them
  • Moms who have experienced a miscarriage won’t start the conversation
  • Find the support to heal
  • You are not alone in this journey
  • Don’t betray your body
  • Verbalize your needs
  • We need to normalize miscarriages
  • If you're not sure where to start, reach out to me, to someone you trust, or to your provider. Whatever you do, it's time to take your healing seriously, and I am with you every step of the way.

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