The Postpartum Circle

The Effects of Inflammation in Postpartum

June 27, 2021 Maranda Bower, Postpartum Bliss Coach  Episode 14
The Postpartum Circle
The Effects of Inflammation in Postpartum
Show Notes

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The topic of inflammation is one that I am incredibly passionate about. It is a work of science that is continually growing at really fast rates. What I'm going to be sharing with you about inflammation is very applicable not just to postpartum, but to women and men and people everywhere. 

Inflammation is the cause of disease, dysfunction, and so many other critical body function mishaps, both minute and ginormous. That being said, not all inflammation is bad! There are two main types of inflammation, acute inflammation, and chronic inflammation. Both serve important purposes in our bodies that are very different and we are about to deep dive into all of this information and the effects of different inflammation in your bodies, especially during postpartum, in this episode!

In this episode, I’m sharing with you:

  • Inflammation
  • Acute inflammation vs. chronic inflammation
  • Acute Inflammation is meant to protect us
  • Chronic Inflammation can become toxic to our bodies
  • Why Chronic Inflammation occurs
  • Ways chronic inflammation presents itself in postpartum frequently
  • Without proper support in postpartum, natural acute inflammation can quickly turn chronic
  • Gut Health & Inflammation - Back to some anatomy basics
  • The food we are using to fuel our bodies contributes to our gut health
  • Gut-Inflammation Connection is KEY 
  • Without gut inflammation, most would NOT have brain inflammation
  • The relationship between gut health, inflammation, & mental health
  • Inflammation is a trigger to depression, not the other way around
  • This common occurrence in Mom’s
  • Postpartum depression, and why therapy only seems to do so much
  • Another side to depression that isn’t being addressed
  • The need for a whole-body approach to wellness and healing
  • Inflammation in infants brain development due to Mother’s inflammation
  • The myth of your baby not being affected by inflammation & depression
  • The potential link between ADHD in children and depression during pregnancy
  • Effects this has on communities
  • When Mother’s aren’t well, they aren’t able to contribute like they want to
  • Caring for the mother is also impacting their children and their children
  • This is a generational problem
  • Carbs, the difference between empty carbs and good carbs
  • The body needs & loves carbs

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