The Postpartum Circle

Part 3: Balancing Hormones

August 22, 2021 Maranda Bower, Postpartum Bliss Coach  Episode 22
The Postpartum Circle
Part 3: Balancing Hormones
Show Notes

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This is  Part 3 of a 3 part series in the podcast on Balancing Hormones, Part 4 is shared in my facebook group The Postpartum Circle, so be sure to go join!

These episodes have been released through the month of July and August so if you missed the previous two parts of the series be sure to go back and listen! After that, be sure to go join my Facebook group, The Postpartum Circle.

Why are so many women experiencing imbalances during postpartum? Your hormones are responsible for everything. When you get an adequate amount of sleep and the right nutrition for your postpartum period you will be able to heal and recover so much faster. These are two things that will help in balancing your hormones.

Today I am talking about the remaining two of the four key components that I mentioned in part 2 of balancing hormones. Sleep and nutrition. Without the right nutrition you can’t produce the correct hormones that your body needs. Sleep needs to be the number one priority. Come listen to part 3 of balancing your hormones where I share how to get out of the hormone imbalance.

In this episode, I’m sharing with you:

  • How to get out of hormone imbalance
  • Sleep
  • Sleep is necessary for the development of those feel good hormones
  • You have to make sleep your number one priority
  • 8 to 10 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period
  • How many hours of sleep are you actually getting a night?
  • Sleep regulates your hormones
  • Nutrition
  • Your body can't regulate and produce the hormones you need while you sleep if you're not able to create the hormones with the food and the nutrients that you give it
  • There is a particular way to eat in postpartum. 
  • If that's not supported, then deficiencies creep in really fast, especially after the birth of a baby and with breastfeeding, when most women are already depleted.
  • Lacking enzymes in the first few weeks postpartum is a normal biological event during this time, and you have to eat a diet that supports that.
  • Depression and anxiety are an inflammation issue
  • Postpartum weaning depression
  • My 1:1 program

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